Quality Striping and Sealing is pleased to offer asphalt sealcoating services.

By choosing Quality Striping & Sealing to seal your asphalt parking lot in Maryland, Virginia or West Virginia, you will preserve your pavement while also saving money in the long run. Our sealcoating solutions preserve the integrity of your parking lot while also maintaining its beauty.

The main benefit of asphalt sealing is that it forms a protective barrier between your asphalt and harsh chemicals, not to mention the elements. Once our sealcoating is applied to your parking lot or driveway, it protects against water damage, road salts, the sun’s UV rays, and a variety of other potentially harmful elements and substances. Over the years, sealcoating has become an economical way to protect the investment businesses make in asphalt, all the while beautifying the overall appearance of the property.

At Quality Striping & Sealing, our asphalt sealers meet Federal Specifications, and exceeds industry standards includingRP355e, ASTMD5727-74T, ASTMD5727, U.S.F.A.A. P627 and P628 specifications. Our sealers are also highly resistant to oil, gas and the elements.

Asphalt crack filling services.

Cracks in pavement can be a major factor in the deterioration of parking lots. At Quality Striping and Sealing, we are proud to offer crack filling services to businesses in Maryland, West Virginia and northern Virginia. When unwanted cracks are left alone and unfilled, they eventually cause “alligatoring” that ends up leading to future asphalt damage. 

In our process, we use a hot-pour crack-fill pot that is heat-applied to ensure proper durability. Before we apply the crack-fill, pavement cracks are inspected and then cleaned. By doing this, it allows for the expansion and contraction of the asphalt to help ensure against surface water penetration. Crack sealing is a great affordable, preventive maintenance service that can extend the life of your parking lot.

If you are located in Maryland, West Virginia, or northern Virginia, and are interested in sealcoating or crack-filling your parking lots, contact us today!