Quality Striping and Sealing offers a full line of asphalt repair & patching services.

Asphalt-Patch-RepairAre areas of your pavement or parking lots in Maryland, northern Virginia or West Virginia broken up, cracked or “allorgating”? Not only is deteriorating asphalt unsafe, but it can also lead to injuries and even lawsuits! Asphalt repair services by Quality Striping & Sealing can extend the life of your parking lots, saving you both money and worry.

Once your asphalt surface begins to deteriorate, it will inevitably require patching and/or repair work. As opposed to completely repaving entire areas of parking lots, patching and repairs can be a much more affordable solution. These methods of asphalt repair can not only protect your customers from automobile or tire damage, but will also prolong the life of your damaged or older asphalt areas.